MummyWants – Making Motherhood Easy!

About Us

We believe that mothers must be called “SuperMummys” for their relentless efforts to keep everything composed. Usually, mothers are well-versed with their children’s needs and want, but we came across a gap. There are limited platforms that cater to the need of mothers—strongly driven by this vision to develop a platform for mothers that could offer a range of products for moms. So we created a website named MummyWants-Making motherhood easy!

Other family members find it easy to step out of home and buy stuff they need. But it is the mothers who do not leave until it is absolutely necessary.

It is often challenging for mothers to find their desired product online. Although, several online marketplaces, e-commerce stores, and websites offer products needed by new mothers. But it is quite a tough job to shortlist the best products out of thousands of similar products and seek reviews. 

Imagine that you need a maternity product and go through several online stores and web pages to find that product. There is a possibility that you may come across that product on almost every platform but do not get to decide if it is worth it or not.

Deciding to buy some stuff online is a matter of sheer dissonance. The majority of online buyers rely on product reviews either by the end consumers or the expert reviews and even on paid reviews that are ubiquitous.

MummyWants specifically target areas of utmost importance to mothers and offer transparent and genuine reviews on those products. End consumers do not write the review articles at MummyWants. Instead, these are expert reviews that the writers produce after interacting with the product personally.

Product categories we offer

To comfort the mothers and especially the new mothers, MummyWants offers quality review articles on a wide range of products. These products relate to the following categories:

  • Health and wellness
  • Personal Care
  • Maternity
  • Kitchen
  • Travel
  • Gifts

Our working mechanism

MummyWants is a team of highly professional developers, designers, and editors. All the review articles that MummyWants publish undergo strict scrutiny.

Firstly, our team conducts research to identify products that mothers need and demand. Then we buy every single product for review.

Our team privately manages this expense. We do not ask manufacturers or companies to offer us free-of-cost products. That is one of the reasons to maintain the transparency of the review and its quality.

After identifying the products and looking for best-selling products online, our editorial team uses the product, examines it, and evaluates it based on its claimed features and merchandising criteria.

Afterward, the editorial team writes about these products -detailed review.

To ensure the quality and fulfilled publishing guidelines, the editing staff proofreads the review articles to avoid any mistakes and then published them on the website.

Review Content

The review content tends to emphasize the product details. However, these details confine to the features and specifications.

Based on the individual interaction of the team with the product, the pros and cons of the product are also part of the review article.

Apart from the product details, our editorial team offers a buying guide within the review article.

This buying guide is the analysis based on reviewing the products. It offers factors that are necessary to make a wise purchase.

Readers benefit from the buying guide to identify what products are the best.

Furthermore, MummyWants is a part of the Amazon Affiliate Program that allows websites to earn a commission by directing users to the online marketplace and make a purchase.

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